Hi there!

My name is Jillian and I’m currently a graduate student and a want to be domestic goddess. Between marking papers, proposal writing and research, I try to find time to try new recipes and test my out my kitchen chops (I also love a terrible pun). My mom was a stay at home most of her life and aside from having her physically there for us, my greatest gift from her being there was her delicious home cooked meals.

I understand that being a student living in graduate residence is in contrast to my Pinterest perfect dreams of a kitchen complete with pies cooling on the window and beef ragu simmering in my Le Creuset french oven. On this blog, I try to make those dreams a reality, with a student friendly twist. I’ve adapted my love of cooking and expanding my kitchen knowledge to fit a shared kitchen, student budget and a busy schedule.

Aside from school and cooking, I am a diehard yogi, beginner fitness freak and lover of budget travel (#studentproblems). Take a look around and enjoy!

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