What I Made This Month

Even with all of my travelling, May was a pretty decent month for recipes. I tried six new recipes, with a good mixture of big and small ones. I, as always, was heavier on the baking, mostly because I’m baking for Game of Thrones weekly now. Overall, I found some great new staples for my baking repertoire and continued to challenge social norms by actually making things that Tasty posts.

New recipes tried: 7


  • Vanilla Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream: I’ve already posted about them here, and these are now my go to vanilla cupcakes.
  • Croutons from The Pioneer Woman: I used the cut and oven method method, but this really isn’t really a recipe, more of a general “how to”. I didn’t have all of the herbs, so I threw on some parsley and garlic powder and called it a day.
  • Funfetti Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is: It is easier said then done finding a Funfetti recipe that doesn’t call for a million ingredients and this one kept it simple. I might do a larger post on these because these were a) delicious, and b) definitely made more then 12!


  • Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Cookies: I already lamented about them here, so please don’t make me relive my misery.
  • One Pot Teriyaki Chicken from Tasty: I wouldn’t call this a fail really, just something I wouldn’t repeat again. I didn’t have any broccoli, so I used edamame instead, but it will still too sweet for my liking.
  • Whipped Coconut Cream from Leelalicious: I needed a vegan icing for my vegan cupcakes, and I thought this would be simple enough. Not so much. After two days in the fridge, I opened the can to still liquid. I whipped and whipped with all my might and nothing happened. I just ended up mixing some caco in with the milk and glazing them. To be fair, the recipe does warn that certain brands might not separate, and I’m telling you the that Rooster Brand did not!


The other “recipe” I tried was Peach Whiskey Ice Tea from Tasty,  which was simple to make, delicious and made a ton. Too bad that most of the people at my party were drinking wine, because now my fridge looks like one of a hipster alcoholic, with mason jars filled with homemade cocktails. I’m hoping next month I get back into making new dinner recipes, but I’m feeling a little doubtful. The summer just started and the #budget is hurting a little. Time to get creative with pasta!







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