Travel Days: What I Ate Today


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Everything packed up and ready to go on an adventure! 

To understand how I eat, it is important to know two things; I hate being hungry and I’ve got the #studentbudget problem. I am quite good at controlling these two aspects of my food personality while at home, but travelling can throw a wrench into these particulars of my diet. The summer months are a whirlwind of travelling back and forth, from home to home, home to fun, home to work. I’ll be taking three major flights over the summer months, and I am lucky to say that I’ve honed my airplane food skills over the years. Today I’m flying home (yay!) and other then some measly snacks on the plane, the flight doesn’t provide a full meal. Again, because of my #studentbudget, I am careful not to fall into the trap of expensive and generally nutrition low food at the airport.

I tend to bring A LOT of food while travelling, for a few reasons. One, is that I need variety or I will get bored. There is no way I will eat all of this food, and if I do, at least I’ve saved some money. The second is that I have a long day, and long days sometimes make me hungry and sometimes leave my bored. I might as well pack my own nutrition dense food to save me some money. Today’s food is a pretty typical menu for a travel day. Lots of sturdy fruits and veggies, because honestly, on vacation who takes the time to track down a salad. A main, a sweet treat and some non perishable snacks that can travel with me throughout the trip if uneaten to prevent future cases of hanger!

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Never forgot to pack in cute storage containers (owls=tortilla chips, big whales=veggies, small whales= all mighty almonds) 

  • Hearty Salad: Have you ever tried Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad (aka the 7 Superfood Salad?). I swear this thing can create world peace because everyone I’ve ever met who has tried it has loved it! Even me, the salad dressing hater. This salad is great because its hearty greens can stand up to a bumpy ride. Just remember to pack the salad dressing in your liquids and keep it under 3 ounces.
  • Hummus and whole grain tortilla chips: I can never remember what is and is not a liquid, so I also pack my hummus in a 3-ounce container and toss it in my liquids Ziploc. Honestly, it just saves me any possible hassle.
  • Carrots and peppers: Whenever I travel, the fruits and veggies I bring fall under the title of “what is left in my fridge.” That was today’s combination.
  • Almonds: Because protein is important in preventing hanger, people.
  • Dried mango: Don’t you keep a stash of 20 packages in your house? No? Moving on…
  • Kashi bar: It scares me how much I love these bars. I know granola bars are pretty much a candy bar, and the worst, etc etc. However, I am not a calorie counter and I look for two things in my food; is is nutritional dense and does it taste good? Kashi fits my bill. No time for granola bar haters.
  • An apple: Because I ate my delicious pear yesterday and had to settle for a boring apple 😦 Plus they are good for you and all that boring stuff.
  • Also, an Oh Henry bar that I paid 24 CENTS for at the grocery store yesterday, to keep me calm in times of stress.

I don’t ever bring any drinks other then my empty water bottle to be filled up. The one thing airlines still offer is complimentary beverages and I will take whatever is free (Porter offers free wine and beer; sign me up!). Beverages are the only thing I will buy in an airport because I often take a morning flight and need a tea to wake up with once I’ve rolled on through security. I also like to save my Starbucks free rewards drink and order the most expensive beverage I can.